The Safer Solution
The Safer Solution
The Safer Solution

Protect Your Family

#1 Selling
TV Remote in Healthcare

Now Available
for Home Use

Easy to Use For All Ages

  1. Works all TV brands basic functions (e.g. volume, power, channels)
  2. No confusing Menus or Inputs to accidentally mess up TV settings
  3. Works all cable boxes
    - All basic functions
  4. One button to control
    TV/Cable power
  5. Simple Key layout
    and big buttons

Problem: Virus, Germs & Bacteria
Live on Remotes

TV Remotes Are the Most Touched Object in a Room

  • You Eat and Drink With Remotes in Your Hand
  • Remotes Sleep in Your Bed and on Your Couch

Standard Remotes Are Often Damaged By Cleaning

  • Remotes Have Many Openings & Crevices Where Germs Accumulate
  • Studies Show Viruses and Germs Are Commonly Found On Remotes

The Safer Solution

The Safer Solution™

Results in 99% Less Bacteria & Germs

  • The CDC Recommends You Clean And Disinfect Items Like Remote Controls Daily

  • The CDC Found that Coronavirus Can Survive on Surfaces up to 17 Days
The Safer Solution
The Safer

Clinically Tested To Carry 99% Less Germs

Universal For All TVs

The Safer Solution™

New CR3 Home Version

*TV and Cable Clean Remote

One Touch Set-Up

Works All TV Brands

ONLY $9.99

(Free Shipping)

*Basic functions for TV and Cable. No Confusing menus or inputs. Does not operate DVR, Streaming or TV/DVD units.